Showbread, Mouth Like a Magazine


I thought I’d begin the music video category with one close to my heart.  Regardless of whether you like metal or not, Showbread carries their rock and roll with every ounce of energy they have.  This is an older video and many of the band members have changed.  However, this is the song and the video that hooked me on them.  I can promise that they deliver this energy and more live, since I have seen them six times.

Video Excellence:

If you looked at all the basic elements of art and basic design that makes a piece of visual art awesome, this video has it.  Great use of visual rhythm, repetition, balance, contrast, emphasis and symmetry make it constantly fun to look at.  I have played this video for many adults who appreciate music and they all recognize the greatness of this video.  Therefore, you should too.  I know that music is very subjective, but take a moment and ask yourself, “When was the last video I saw that pulled this kind of thing off successfully?”

Overall Rating: 5 stars


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