Why so distant?

For the three of you who actually subscribe to this podcast I owe you an explanation for my prolonged absence.  My wife and I recently had a brand new baby girl!  While she is adorable, she does interrupt the previous flow of life.  And may I add, needs to sleep at the appropriate hours.  So, never fear I will be back on track soon bringing you the best songs you may not have heard already.  Also coming, I will be self hosting this blog and so the URL will change.  I will keep you posted as the site gets revamped to be more helpful and easier to navigate.

In addition to this, I missed this blog very much and so stand with hat in hand, holding a bouquet of daisies with a look of the utmost sincere apologies.  Forgive me?  No.  Well maybe this will help, it is a photo of my family with our new addition.


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