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Aaron Gillespie (Underoath), The Writting on the Walls
April 4, 2011

Here is wishing a happy Monday to all the drummers, metal fans and Underoath friends out there.  If you aren’t one of those three, you may not really dig this video.  At least give it a shot, k?  Aaron Gillespie is an awesome drummer and in this video from Mein Cymbals, you get to watch a song from right behind his set.  What a treat!  Watch how the camera can’t really keep up with his hand speed.  And also, any singing you hear (besides from all the fans) is being done by him as well.  A drummer who sings, writes songs and plays guitar?  Unheard of, I say!  Especially in the world of metal and rock.  Sorry, Phil Collins, I know you’ve sold more records, but I am still a bigger fan of Aaron Gillespie!


Project 86, Spy Hunter
March 7, 2011

Welcome back to Music Video Mondays!  I hope you were able to live without these during the month of February.  I’m sure, if you were like me, you ate yourself stupid on chocolate.  Therefore, you should be okay, if a little heavier.  And speaking of heavy…

Spy Hunter.  One of my favorite videos by Christian metal and rock band, Project 86.  Having seen them live and being a fan since Drawing Black Lines, I have a lot to say about their evolution and songwriting.  But it’s monday, so I won’t.  HAPPY?

Instead enjoy this dark and funny video.  Can I also just add how much it would be hurt to be hit with a Les Paul from behind?

Additionally, everyone is being very picky about who embeds their videos.  Web 2.0 my hiney.  Anyway, follow the link.

Showbread, Mouth Like a Magazine
November 30, 2010


I thought I’d begin the music video category with one close to my heart.  Regardless of whether you like metal or not, Showbread carries their rock and roll with every ounce of energy they have.  This is an older video and many of the band members have changed.  However, this is the song and the video that hooked me on them.  I can promise that they deliver this energy and more live, since I have seen them six times.

Video Excellence:

If you looked at all the basic elements of art and basic design that makes a piece of visual art awesome, this video has it.  Great use of visual rhythm, repetition, balance, contrast, emphasis and symmetry make it constantly fun to look at.  I have played this video for many adults who appreciate music and they all recognize the greatness of this video.  Therefore, you should too.  I know that music is very subjective, but take a moment and ask yourself, “When was the last video I saw that pulled this kind of thing off successfully?”

Overall Rating: 5 stars