Lincoln Brewster, Salvation is Here
March 21, 2011

This week I bring you Lincoln Brewster’s version of Salvation is Here.  After reading the posts underneath this video on Youtube I am honestly suprised.  Apparently, there are people out there who don’t think this is a viable worship song.  Their main argument seems to be that it is Lincoln on display and not God.  I happen to have a couple of thoughts on that.

First, who gave Lincoln his talent and put it on his heart to pursue it?

Second, why does Christian music have to be lame to be God-honoring?  Surely as Christians we have reason to pursue excellence more than other artists because we do not do so for ourselves.

Third, what is the purpose of the music video?  Are you really capable of being in an honest state of worship while watching a music video on Youtube?  No, probably you have eight tabs open linking you into your facebook, email, blog and whatever else you are on the internet to do.  Face it, the internet is a good tool, but as a medium, is really weak at being a tool for worship.  That’s what corporate worship, prayer and scripture are for.  We live in a world that thrives on entertainment and some element of the video has to be entertaining for it to achieve its purpose as a video.

Finally, who is the video reaching with its words.  If you want sweet hymnal style music, go find it, there is plenty out there.  But chances are this song is a great bridge for our secular friends who also happen to be guitar snobs.  Your basic Steve Vai or Stevie Ray Vaughn fan is not going to care for most worship music because the artist cannot play guitar like that.  Yet, here is an honest, talented, Christian artist who can.

Chances are if you thought this song puts Lincoln on display over the internet, you would be just as upset sitting in his worship service.  So, really evaluate, is his music selfish?  Or is it a fantastic way to bridge the musical gap to our unsaved guitarist fans?


Phil Keaggy, Salvation Army Band
December 6, 2010


When it comes to pure excellence in guitar playing there is no one in Christian Music in the same league as Phil Keaggy.  When I first heard one of his songs, I thought, “Wow, I should quit playing guitar right now because I will never be as good as that.”  I realize of course that that kind of thinking is wrong.  I still play guitar, and I am still getting better.  I want to use the talent God has given me to make him famous.  This is what Phil Keaggy excels at.  Mr. Keaggy has been in the world of music since the 60’s and has shared the stage with other rock and roll legends such as Eric Clapton, The Kinks, Yes and Chicago.  He has won multiple dove awards.  Legend tells that Jimmy Hendrix was asked once what it was like to be the world’s greatest guitar player.  He responded, “I don’t know, you’d have to ask Phil Keaggy.”  Have I made my point, Phil Keaggy is AMAZING.

Live, seeing is believing:

Having mastered his instrument Phil has done what every truly great artist does, grows with the times.  In this case, Phil is using a technique termed “live digital looping.”  Basically what he does is use a complex foot pedal to record a section of a song on his guitar.  At his command, the pedal plays that recorded section back and he continues to play an record a new layer on top of that.  I cannot tell you how hard this is to do sitting in my bedroom with a simple pedal and make it sound good.  Phil does it live.  And in doing so reinvents himself as a musician and the use of technology out there.  He shows an in depth understanding of the music writing process as well as diligent practice, use of technology and recording.  And as if that were not enough, the lyrics are great.  Phil stakes his position as being a draftee in the Lord’s Salvation Army Band.  As a fellow musician this resounded deep within me.  That is after I realized the song wasn’t about the organization working in my downtown.  Please watch and enjoy.  Pay attention to all the little details and you will find this rewarding.  Also, if anyone can find a better quality video of the song that I could embed for free, I will gladly replace this one.  No offense is meant to the person who filmed it (and thank you for posting it online!).

Also, Phil is on facebook here, click “like” on his page if you like this video!