Chris August, 7X70
March 8, 2011

Being embraced by the Word family came as quite a shock to former indie artist Chris August.  I heard just a part of his story a the Gospel Music Association songwriting showcase this past summer in Nashville.  This was just before Chris and co-writer Ed Cash (a songwriting giant in his own right) performed Starry Night for those of us at Immerse.  I heard about sixteen new songs that night by the people who wrote them, but this was one that I took with me.  So, like a rabid new fan, the moment the album dropped, I picked it up on iTunes.  And while Starry Night is awesome, singable and probably something I will lead my church to sing occasionally, it wasn’t the highlight of the album for me.

No, instead it was a song titled 7X70.  It is a song about forgiveness, specifically within family.  He states that there was screaming, heart breaking and other hurt in his home.  And then he says this, “Seven times seventy times, I’ll do what it takes to make it right.”

This of course, echoes the scripture from Matthew 18.  Peter asks Jesus how many times should he forgive?  Up to seven times?  Jesus replies, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” (NIV)  Here the Lord is using hyperbole, or exaggeration for the sake of effect.  What he means is not a precise number, but instead we should forgive when we are sinned against, always.  This is so counter to our nature, but we must strive for this.  Why?  Because the Lord has done no less for us.  But especially in the context of family, we must forgive.  These are the people we typically have the most contact with and therefore most likely to offend.  Yet, the family is one of the institutions that God has given us to receive his blessing, be challenged with and responsible for.  Forgiveness is essential.  Another great truth delivered in a sweet musical treat.  Download and enjoy!