Switchfoot, Oh! Gravity
December 13, 2010


Besides having one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, Switchfoot knows how to make a good music video as well.  Soaring off their success of Beautiful Letdown, the band quickly released Nothing is Sound and Oh! Gravity.  To be honest both albums came so fast that I couldn’t keep up.  Yeah, being broke can be a bummer sometimes.  Anyway, thank goodness for Youtube and being the vehicle for me to listen to this song.  It drives, it kicks, it rocks, it sounds like Switchfoot.  There are some little musical treats in there but the video they cut is mesmerizing.

Layers of Work:

I need to do some more research to find out who directed/animated this video.  Super triple thumbs up.  There are, no-kidding, like one hundred separate drawings in this video.  Everything moves.  The band was shot on a green screen and then surrounded by an artist’s creative imagination.  The drawings interact with the band and there is layer after layer of live footage mixed with animation.  The motion of all the graphics fits the pace and feel of the song and so I can appreciate it all the more.  In artistic terms there is fine use of contour drawing, high levels of contrast, a limited color palette (red, black and white) and a complete disregard for any kind of consistent perspective.  Artsy, and Rock and Roll, love it!