Audrey Assad, The House You’re Building
March 2, 2011

This is the title track from Audrey Assad’s latest release.  Her light and easy to listen to vocals complement the simple guitar and organ.  But like all the songs that impact me the most, the music is only the vehicle to communicate deep truth.  Her lyrics are both worshipful and insightful.  The melody leads to the key idea,

“I’m a broken stone, / so lay me in the house you’re building.”

It appeals to the part of me that feels lost and spiritually homeless.  And all the time, the Lord has been calling me to a home that he has been painstakingly building.  It kind of blows me away to realize that while I can feel so lost, the Lord is active in my life and afterlife.  There is hope in the idea that He hasn’t stopped working and has the big picture in mind while my vision is so narrow.

I need that hope right now.  Warning, I’m goin

g to get all personal and anecdotal right now.

I am currently waiting tables.  Nothing wrong with that or providing for your family, it just isn’t what I want.  I have a four year degree that I spent a lot of money on.  I have had eleven jobs since I graduated college.  Did you read that? Eleven!  The longest stint I’ve had in one career is two years.  I have been wandering since I graduated.  I feel lost.  I know what I want to do for a career, but the options out there are limited given my education and experience.  This is especially daunting since it has nothing to do with the degree I have hanging on my wall.  I have to work to support my family, so my ability to take risk is limited.  More than that, my personal vision for my life seems always in flux.  There is the problem.  I have been consumed with my vision for my life.  I have at times given thought to God’s vision for my life and think I may even know what that might look like.  However, I am not content to wait on his timing, his provision, or even really ask.  So, for the world wide web to read, I am sorry, Lord.  Forgive me for my wandering.  Please, lay me in the house you’re building.  Just give me the satisfaction of being apart of your vision for my life.  And never let me be content in running my own direction with my own lack of wisdom.  Or worse, never let me drift into hopelessness and stagnation.

My heart echoes Audrey’s prayer, just let me be apart of what you’re are doing, Lord.

I recommend the entire album for it’s musical excellence, her impeccable vocal quality and the insightful lyrics song after song.  This has been like a delightful auditory devotion.  If you don’t believe me, just listen to Restless.

Thanks for reading!