Jars of Clay, Work
December 20, 2010

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lori!  My beautiful, smart and talented wife, you mean so much to me.  Now, on with the video…


There is something alluring to me about music videos that are composed of a single shot.  I’m not sure why, but I appreciate all the forethought, the practice and the level of creativity it takes to get there.  And while OK Go seems to have the monopoly on the best single shot music videos in the secular world, the Christian music realm has its own to offer.


Work, is an interesting, driving song.  The interest of the song, its dynamics, pushes the video along.  The colors are nice and the lighting is dramatic.  Plus, there is this weird object in the bottom right corner of the shot.  In a short while you realize that water is pouring in on the band.  Yes, they are in a tank, slowly filling over the length of the song.  Kudos of technical achievement for getting their tank glass clean enough to shoot the whole band through.  I also tip my hat to the guys for finding the perfect amount of water to let in so that it is neck/chin high by the end of the song.  It may develop slowly, but the concept is very fun to watch play out.  Also, the video actually has something to do with the lyrics of the song.  “I have no fear of drowning / It’s the breathing that’s taking all this work.”

Post script:  I also think this is the best look that their front man, Dan Haseltine, has ever had.  He seriously reminds me of Severus Snape from the Harry Potter Movies.  I dunno, somehow it works.