Music Video Mondays

I will post a new video (or a link to a new video) every Monday.  Who knows?  Maybe it could give you something to look forward to instead of returning to work!

It is part of my desire with this blog to not only promote great songs, but great videos.  Some videos are chosen because the video is good, wether I care for the song or not.  But let’s be fair, I will probably like the song too.

What makes a video great?

Could be any number of things.  I have not written a specific criteria for this, though perhaps I will endeavor to do so.  But here are some of the things i just intuitively look for and examples of videos that have that quality:

1.  Originality: is the video something I have never seen before?

Jars of Clay, Work

2.  Artistic Merit:  is there excellence in the visual aesthetics of the video?

Showbread, Mouth Like a Magazine

3.  Musical Merit:  is there some element of pure musical excellence that I get to watch?

Phil Keaggy, Salvation Army Band

4.  Fun:  does the video put a smile on my face?

The Afters, Never Going Back to Okay

5.  Technical Achievement:  does the video do something, specific to the film genre, that is technically difficult or excellent or innovative?

David Crowder Band, How He Loves


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